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M.N.Vijayan Mash

Biographical Note:

Prof. M.N. Vijayan was a writer, thinker and activist who was born in Lokamaleshwaram, Kerala, India. He was educated in Pathinettarayalam L.P. School, Kodungallur Boys High School, Ernakulam Maharajas College, and Government Law College, Ernakulam. After becoming a Master of Arts in Malayalam Language and Literature from Madras University, he joined Madras New College as a teacher in 1952. Briefly worked as a lecturer at University College, Trivandrum before joining Brennen College, Thalassery, in 1960 as Malayalam lecturer.Retired in 1985. Prof. Vijayan was editor of Malayalam Weekly Deshabhimani and was the President of Purogamana Kala Sahitya Sangham (Progressive Association for Art and Letters). Today, he is better remembered as a Left Activist and a social thinker.

< p align = "center"> M.N.Vijayan's Published Books:

M.N.Vijayan's Collected Works-Published by Current Books, Thrissur
Bhayavum Abhayavum (The Fear And Refuge)
Pradhirodhangal (Resistances)
Chithayile Velicham (Light In The Pyre)
M.N. Vijayante Prabhashanangal (M.N. Vijayan's Speeches)
Varnangalude Sangeetham (The Music Of Colours)
Kavithayum Manashastravum (Poetry And Psychology)
Sheersasanam (Standing Upside Down)
Kazhchappadu (Perspective)
Vaakkum Manassum (The Speech and The Thought)
Puthiya Varthamanangal (Latest News)
Noothana Lokangal (New Worlds)
Fascisathinte Manashasthram (The Psychology Of The Fascism)
Marubhumikal Pookkumbol (When The Deserts Blossom)
Samskaravum Swathanthriavum (The Culture And The Freedom)
Adhikaram-Anuragam-AthmarahasyangalPower-Passion-Private Matters)
Fascism- Prathyaya Shasthram-Prayogam- Pradhirodham (Fascism- The Philosophy -Practice- Protest)

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